A Brief History

In January 2013, the Central Board of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) stated an urgent need for an innovative evaluation of sector level performance in Pakistan and the ability of various sectors to attract investment.  This led to the idea of documenting and comparing the management and organization practices in Pakistan while mapping such practices with firm and establishment level performance indicators using the pioneering work of the World Management Survey (http://worldmanagementsurvey.org/).

The project is generously co-funded by (i) Private Enterprise Development for Low Income Countries (PEDL), (ii) the International Growth Center (IGC), and (iii) State Bank of Pakistan (The Central Bank). The survey was launched in October 2014 in the province of Punjab by the Pakistan's Apex Statistical Agency (Pakistan Bureau of Statistics) and ended in October 2015.

The MOPS report was published in June 2016 on the IGC webpage and was presented at the IGC conference in June 2016. In July 2016 both the Centre for Performance, LSE and SBP published policy pieces of the project.

The MOPS team is aiming to launch MOPS in the remaining three provinces of Pakistan by October 2016.


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2. CentrePiece  Policy Piece 

3. SBP Policy Piece

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